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True Positive (TP)

What is True Positive (TP) : True Positive (TP) refers to a situation where a positive result is accurately identified. In other words, the test correctly identifies the presence of a specific condition or trait. TP can be used in a variety of contexts, including medical tests, criminal investigations, and marketing research. Here are two […]

True Negative (TN)

What is True Negative (TN) : True Negative (TN) is a term used in the field of medical testing and diagnosis to describe a test result that accurately indicates the absence of a particular condition or disease. In other words, a TN result is a negative result that is actually correct and reflects the true […]

Tree diagrams

What are Tree diagrams : Tree diagrams are a graphical representation of a sequence of events or decisions and their possible outcomes. They are commonly used in probability and statistics to illustrate the various possibilities and the corresponding probabilities of each event occurring. One example of a tree diagram is in determining the probability of […]

Training Set

What is a Training Set : A training set is a collection of data used to teach a machine learning model to recognize patterns and make predictions. It is a crucial part of the machine learning process, as the model will use the training set to learn how to classify or predict outcomes for new […]

Time Series

What is Time Series : Time series is a series of data points collected at regular intervals over a period of time. It is a widely used statistical method for analyzing and forecasting trends and patterns in data. Time series data can be found in various fields such as finance, economics, meteorology, and engineering, to […]

Test Set

What is a Test Set : A test set is a subset of a dataset that is used to evaluate the performance of a machine learning model. It is used to determine the accuracy and generalization ability of the model on unseen data. The test set is typically kept separate from the training and validation […]


What is TensorFlow : TensorFlow is an open-source software library for machine learning, developed by Google. It allows developers to create and train artificial neural networks, which are a key component of many machine learning algorithms. One example of TensorFlow’s capabilities is image classification. Given a set of labeled images, TensorFlow can be used to […]

Target Variable

What is Target Variable : A target variable is a variable that we want to predict or explain in a statistical model. It is also known as the dependent variable because it depends on the values of the independent variables in the model. In other words, the value of the target variable is influenced by […]

Synthetic Data

What is Synthetic Data : Synthetic data is artificially generated data that is designed to mimic real-world data. It is often used for a variety of purposes, including testing machine learning models, augmenting limited data sets, and protecting the privacy of sensitive data. Here are two examples of how synthetic data can be used: Testing […]


What is SVM : Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are a type of supervised machine learning algorithm that can be used for classification or regression tasks. The goal of an SVM is to find the hyperplane in a high-dimensional space that maximally separates the different classes. To better understand how SVMs work, let’s consider two examples: […]